Hire Guide and FAQs

Will I need a permit?

A permit for skip hire is only required if you need to place the skip on the road, rather than your own private property. For more information, please see our permits page.

How full can I load a skip?

All skips should be level loaded and cannot overflow the height of the skip

What cannot go in the skip?

Environmental regulations dictate that hazardous materials such as asbestos, medical waste, toxic materials, harmful gasses, and oils cannot be disposed of in a skip. Additionally, there is an extra charge for awkward items such as Mattresses (£40) and Fridges/Freezers (£60). Lastly, in line with environmental legislation plasterboard, ceiling tiles and carpets must be disposed of in a separate skip, unless they constitute less than 15% of the skip.

What if I need more skip space?

If you fill your skip but still have more waste, we can exchange the skip, replacing it for your convenience. This is useful for individuals and groups producing constant waste but do not have the space for a larger skip.

How are the skips delivered?

Skips are delivered by truck/lorry at the agreed time and location but cannot give exact timing. If delivering to private property, please consider the width of the truck/lorry for your driveway.

How are the skips collected?

Once your skip is full or you are ready for collection, you can contact us at any of our numbers at the top of the page to arrange a convenient time to collect the skip.

What size skip do I need?

The size of the skip you will need will depend on the quantity and type of waste needing to be disposed of as well as the space limitations. If you are unsure, please visit our skip sizes page, or contact us to discuss your waste removal needs.

How long will I have the skip?

Standard skip hire time is a maximum of two weeks (14 days) although extensions can be arranged by our friendly and helpful team.