Terms and Conditions

1. Skip standard rental duration covers a 14-day period. Extensions beyond this period may incur supplementary charges, subject to agreement.

2. The submission of a booking form does not constitute a confirmed order unless and until formal contact has been made and mutual agreement has been established.

3. The customer shall bear full responsibility for any damage to the skip, regardless of its cause, and shall be accountable for all related expenses. It is the hirer's responsibility to take measures to prevent theft of the container.

4. In accordance with environmental regulations, it is prohibited to dispose of hazardous materials in the skip. Please review the Hire Guide for more information about prohibited and special-case items.

5. The finalised invoiced sum will reflect the relevant Value Added Tax (VAT) and may differ from the estimated price. Any variations are contingent upon mutual agreement, taking into account factors such as distance and other pertinent considerations.

6. If the company becomes aware that customers are not in compliance with the above terms and conditions of hire, we may exercise the right to promptly retrieve the container without prior notice.

7. The company reserves the right to seek documentation from the customer regarding compliance with Council Road permits and suspended bay authorisations. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the ongoing validity of these permits and authorisations and to keep the company informed of any updates. Please review the Permits section for more information.

8. Customers directing vehicles off the Public Highway accept full responsibility for any resulting claims, damages, or expenses and indemnify us against all related costs.